A Survey of the Life of Christ from the Four Gospels

(OnlineBibleStudy.blog – Advanced Level: Course Three)

Get a clearer picture of the life of Christ and His ministry here on earth–as presented in the pages of your New Testament — through these beautifully illustrated Bible lessons produced and made available by The Bible Project.  These enjoyable videos and corresponding lesson activities were specifically chosen for inclusion in our Online Bible Study curriculum because we believe they will help our students draw closer to the Lord Jesus, understand more clearly the nature of His ministry, and be better equipped for more meaningful ministry and service in the kingdom of God.

* PLEASE NOTE:  All “advanced level” Online Bible Study courses are password protected. You may request the advanced level password when you have completed the three Introductory Lessons – 1.) God is Love, 2.) Saving Love, 3.) Life Changing Love (see home page – course selections). If you have completed the introductory lessons and have your password, we invite and encourage you to enroll in “The Story of Jesus” course!


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