A Quest for Authentic Christianity in the Third Millennium

(intermediate/advanced level study)

This study is designed not only to strengthen your personal walk with the Lord, but to also help you understand the meaning of authentic, “nondenominational” Christianity as presented in the pages your New Testament. Our prayer is that, through this study, you will be better equipped as a servant-leader of Christ to help plant and grow the authentic church of Christ in your community; and to help nurture and grow other Christians in both their personal walk with the Lord and in their community life with one another in the family of God.

NOTE:  This is a “certificated” course and students wanting to qualify for the course certificate must be enrolled in the course.  You will be enrolled when you submit your first “Lesson Response Form” for Lesson One – Called to Covenant.

 Lesson Links:


SECTION ONE — “Called Out”

SECTION TWO — “Called to Discipleship”

SECTION THREE — “Called to Truth”

SECTION FOUR — “Called to Love”

SECTION FIVE — “Called to Freedom”

SECTION SIX — “Called to Worship”

SECTION SEVEN — “Called to Community”

SECTION EIGHT — “Called to Spiritual Warfare”






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