Intermediate Level Studies

Welcome to our “intermediate level” courses of study. If you have completed the first three lessons in our Introductory Course (see home page), we invite and encourage you to continue your studies with us through the wonderful opportunities provided by World Bible School, one of the largest Christian education programs on earth — with thousands of students and teachers living in nations all around the world.

Online Bible Study is a World Bible School affiliate. From our base here in Hawaii, we reach and teach hundreds of WBS students in the Hawaiian Islands, throughout the Pacific, and in nations all around the world. We are also a designated “Follow-Up Partner” for WBS teachers living in other parts of the world who are working with students that live here in our islands.  We are happy to incorporate portions of the World Bible School curriculum into our Online Bible Study program.  We encourage all our students who have completed our Introductory Lessons to enroll in World Bible School and continue studying with us through the six course WBS series of lessons.  Registration is FREE, of course — as with all our Online Bible Studies and related ministerial services, the program is offered to you without any cost or other obligation on your part.

To enroll in World Bible School, please use the form below to inform your current Online Bible Study partner, who will then provide you with the appropriate link to enroll!  We do it this way because there are literally thousands of WBS students participating in the program and we don’t want to loose our connections with YOU; we want to be sure that we are the ones who get to continue this beautiful spiritual journey with you.

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