A Brief Survey of the New Testament

(OnlineBibleStudy.blog – Advanced Level: Course Four)

What was life like for Christians back in Bible days?  These beautifully illustrated video lessons, produced and made available by The Bible Project, gives us a glimpse into the history of the early church and some of the spiritual battles with which our brothers and sisters in Christ had to contend. But, even more than that, they also help us make application of the eternal spiritual truths contained in scripture to our own hearts and lives as God’s covenant people live out that continuing drama to this very day.   The videos in this Online Bible Study, as well as the New Testament books they represent, were specifically chosen for inclusion in our Online Bible Study curriculum for their historical value.  We believe these particular video presentations will not only help our students become more familiar with New Testament history,  but be better prepared to relate the story of the New Testament to others, as well.

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