The Capstone Project

Summative Assignment for Graduation

Your final Online Bible Study to be accomplished before receiving your DIPLOMA from Redeeming Love Ministries, and to qualify to become one of our Follow-Up Partners, is the completion of your “Capstone Project.”  This final project requires that each student return to Online Bible Study #1 – “My Walk With God” and create a “Bible Chain-Reference Study” in the pages of his or her own Study Bible based on the scripture references found in those twelve lessons.  This course is designed to equip every student to share their faith with others; and to help better prepare every student for ministry within the body of Christ. 

Step-by-Step Instructions for Completing Your Capstone Project

Creating Your Linked “Chain-Reference Bible Studies”

Step 1: Purchase or secure you own Study Bible — preferably one with wide margins, so that you have room to write down scripture references and makes notes to yourself.

Step 2: Somewhere near the front or back cover of your Study Bible, write down the name of each chain-reference study (there are 12) based on each of the lessons in the Online Bible Lesson Series #1: My Walk With God:

  • Lesson One: “God is Love”
  • Lesson Two: “God is Light“
  • Lesson Three: “Light vs. Darkness“
  • Lesson Four: “Light Gives Us Hope“
  • Lesson Five: “Saving Faith“
  • Lesson Six: “Saving Love“
  • Lesson Seven: “Relevance of Repentance“
  • Lesson Eight: “Beauty of Baptism“
  • Lesson Nine: “Pursuing Sanctification“
  • Lesson Ten: “Our Divine Fellowship“
  • Lesson Eleven – “Our Divine Mission“
  • Lesson Twelve – “Our Divine Destiny“

Step 3: Out beside the title of each chain-reference study that you wrote down near the front or back cover of your Bible, write down the very first scripture reference that you find at the beginning of that particular study.

Step 4: Then, open your Bible to that first passage of scripture referenced in the study and underline the text. Then out in the margin of your Bible, beside the text that you underlined, write down the next scripture reference that you find in the study.

Step 5: Continue to move from scripture to scripture, underlining each text, and writing down the location of the next passage of scripture in the margin of your Bible out beside the text. until you have worked through all the passages of scripture in each Bible study – (see illustration):

combined links

Step 6: You may also use the margins of your study Bible to make any notes to yourself that you may want to regarding the main point of a particular passage; or, perhaps, some illustration that you may want to use in explaining the passage to someone else.

Step 7: Provide evidence of your accomplishments to your online teacher showing that you have successfully completed marking each Bible chain-reference study in your Bible. Please record and save the “date” you submit your evidence to your teacher. Evidence may be submitted by email at:

To submit your evidence, please choose which option works best for you:

  • Option 1: Take 3 pictures of each Bible chain-reference study (beginning, middle, end) showing the pages of your Study Bible that you have underlined and referenced; and submitting those pictures to your teacher by email – attachment.
  • Option 2: If you are unable to take pictures of the pages of your Study Bible and submit them by email, you may submit a written outline of each Bible chain-reference study, including: each verse that you underlined in consecutive order, the page number in your Bible where that verse is found, and a brief statement about what you will say to others about the importance of each verse – see following example:


Bible Chain-Reference Study – Outline #2 – God is Light:

  1. Bible Verse – Page # ??? – This verse is important because… 
  2. Bible Verse – Page # ??? – This verse is important because…
  3. Bible Verse – Page # ??? – This verse is important because..


Note: When you have completed these seven steps for all twelve lessons in the “My Walk With God” – Online Bible Study #1, you will have twelve beautiful chain-reference studies marked in your Study Bible; and you will be well equipped to teach and share the message of the Gospel with others.

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Final Step

As a final step to completing your Capstone Project and qualifying for your DiplomaCertificate of Ministerial Achievement—please fill out the following web-form and submit it for review by our regional missions coordinator.

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