The Story of Jesus

A Look at the Life of Christ from the Four Gospels

(intermediate/advance level study)

Get a clearer picture of the life of Christ and His ministry here on earth–as presented in the pages of your New Testament — through these beautifully illustrated Bible lessons produced and made available by The Bible Project.  These enjoyable videos and corresponding lesson activities were specifically chosen for inclusion in our Online Bible Study curriculum because we believe they will help our students draw closer to the Lord Jesus, understand more clearly the nature of His ministry, and be better equipped for more meaningful ministry and service in the kingdom of God.

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Lesson One: Book of Matthew (1)


Course Assignment 1.) Read Matthew Chapter 5, Chapter 6, and Chapter 7 The Sermon on the Mount — and share three things from Jesus’ teaching that surprise you; or that challenge you to think more deeply.

Lesson Two: Book of Matthew (2)

Course Assignment 2.) Read Matthew Chapter 24.  Note that Jesus’ teaching concerning the destruction of Jerusalem and His own future return are intertwined in the dialog. Sketch a little outline of this chapter showing the verses that you think pertain only to Jerusalem, and the verses that you think speak of His 2nd coming.

Lesson Three: Book of Mark

Course Assignment 3.) Read Mark Chapter 11, Chapter 12, and Chapter 13 — and, as you read, think about what it would have been like to walk and talk with Jesus, and to listen to His teaching daily.  From these three chapters, share a few things (something from each chapter) that Jesus said or did that deeply touches your heart.

Lesson Four: Book of Luke (1)

Course Assignment 4.) Read Luke Chapter 7 and respond to the following three discussion prompts:  What does this chapter say to you concerning Jesus’ personal identity?  What does this chapter say to you concerning His compassion for others? Does this impact your life in any way; if so, how?

Lesson Five: Book of Luke (2)

Course Assignment 5.) Read Luke Chapter 15 and share your personal thoughts concerning God’s attitude toward lost humanity; and some observation concerning the Parable of the Prodigal Son — have you ever felt like YOU were a prodigal child?

Lesson Six: Book of John (1)

Course Assignment 6.) Read John Chapter 1 and John Chapter 8 then share how these passages of scripture help shape and mold your personal perception of the identity of Jesus; who was/is He?

Lesson Seven: Book of John (2)

Course Assignment 7.) Read John Chapter 18, Chapter 19, and Chapter 20 and respond to the following discussion prompts:  What is your view of Jesus as King and the nature of His kingdom?  How do you interpret the events that happened at the cross,  their meaning and purpose for your life? Do you believe John’s account of the resurrection; why or why not — and, if so, what does this mean to you? 


The videos used in these lessons are produced and made available by:

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