A Brief Survey of Early Bible History

(intermediate/advanced level study)

As New Covenant children of God, our roots run deep; going back thousands of years, spanning many millennia, tapping the very origins of Jewish heritage, and even beyond—back to the very beginning of recorded history.  The ancient stories of the Old Testament are your stories and my stories; they belong to us and help mold and shape our spiritual character.  The Apostle Paul tells us, “For whatever was written in earlier times was written for our instruction, so that through perseverance and the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope” (Romans 15:4, NASB).  See God working down through the annals of history as you view these beautifully illustrated Bible lessons produced and made available by The Bible Project!  These enjoyable videos and corresponding lesson activities were specifically chosen for inclusion in our Online Bible Study curriculum because we believe they will help strengthen our faith and better equip each of us for more meaningful ministry and service in the kingdom of God.

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Video Lesson 1 – Book of Genesis (1)


Course Assignment 1.) Read Genesis Chapter 3 and discuss your understanding of the “consequences of rebellion” as described in scripture.  

Video Lesson 2 – Book of Genesis (2)

Course Assignment 2.) Read Genesis Chapter 12 and discuss your understanding of “God’s promises to Abraham” as recorded in the first three verses.

Video Lesson 3 – Book of Exodus (1)

Course Assignment 3.) Read Exodus Chapter 15 The Song of the Sea — the first recorded psalm of praise, and share in your own words the depiction of God.

Video Lesson 4 – Book of Exodus (2)

Course Assignment 4.) Create your own brief “timeline” (or outline) of the major events of early Bible history; as recorded in the books of both Genesis and Exodus; then copy and paste your timeline to the “Lesson Response Form” below:

Video Lesson 5 – Book of Leviticus

Course Assignment 5.) Read Leviticus Chapter 4 and share your thoughts about how the “sin offering” allowed the people of Israel to be considered “holy” by the Lord.  

Video Lesson 6 – Book of Numbers

Course Assignment 6.) Read Numbers Chapter 13 and Numbers Chapter 14 and share your thoughts concerning the “spirit” of the ten spies that were sent in to spy out the promised land, and the “different spirit” of Caleb and Joshua. 

Video Lesson 7 – Book of Deuteronomy

Course Assignment 7.) Read Deuteronomy Chapter 6 and discuss the power and purpose of the “Shema.” 

Video Lesson 8 – Book of Joshua

Course Assignment 8.) Read Joshua Chapter 6 and share your thoughts about how “faith” revealed itself and caused the walls of Jericho to fall — AND/OR — please share your thoughts about God’s treatment of Rahab. 

Video Lesson 9 – Book of 1 Samuel

Course Assignment 9.) Read I Samuel Chapter 17 and discuss some of the character traits in David that allowed him to perform such mighty acts of valor at this time in his young life.  

Video Lesson 10 – Book of 2 Samuel

Course Assignment 10.) Read 2 Samuel Chapter 11 and 2 Samuel Chapter 12 and share your perspective (personal viewpoint) on how and why David’s character seems to have changed since his younger years; and in what ways David was still the same.  Did David get away with murder? How do you perceive both God’s justice and His love demonstrated in David’s life? 

Video Lesson 11 – Books of 1 & 2 Kings

Course Assignment 11.) Read I Kings Chapter 18 and I Kings Chapter 19 — Elijah and Prophets of Baal.  How does this story relate to what was happening with God’s people, Israel, as a whole; and why they were experiencing a gradual destruction of their nation. Do you see any parallels to what is happening in our world today? 

Video Lesson 12 – Book of Isaiah (1)

Course Assignment 12.) Read Isaiah Chapter 7:10-16 and Isaiah Chapter 9:6-7 and Isaiah Chapter 11:1-10.  Why are these beautiful examples of “Messianic” prophecies? How do these passages of scripture fulfill God’s great promise to Abraham and His covenant with David?  

Video Lesson 13 – Book of Isaiah (2)

Course Assignment 13.) Read Isaiah Chapter 53 — one of the most elaborate “Messianic” prophecies in all of scripture.  Describe the main features of this prophecy and how they were fulfilled later in history.  

Video Lesson 14 – Book of Job

Course Assignment 14.) Read Job Chapter 38, and Job Chapter 40:1-14, and Job Chapter 42:1-6.  Has there ever been a time in your life when you felt a little, or maybe a lot, like Job?  How would you counsel someone whose faith had been shaken by some tragic life experience and was questioning, or even blaming, God?


 The videos used in these lessons are produced and made available by:

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