Sharing the Word of God With All the World is a cooperative, nondenominational, Christian ministry supported by people who are dedicated to working together in love to share the Word of God with all the world.  We have no “formal” ties to any denominational groups or associations anywhere, but are bound in heart and faith to all God’s people everywhere.  Our goal is to provide in-depth, interactive, nondenominational Bible studies, and related content that will help facilitate and strengthen our personal walk with the Lord and enable each of us to share our faith with others.  While the content on this site is, of course, the product of human thought and origin, we do our best to share the direct teachings of the Bible; while combating the denominational doctrines and religious traditions of men that separate and divide us from one another.


“In essentials, unity; In opinions, liberty;

In all things, love!”

(Peter Meiderlin – 1627)