Online Bible Study #1


(beginning/intermediate level study)

This twelve lesson video series is designed to help you learn some important concepts about the character of God, what He has done to make it possible for us to have eternal life with Him, and how we can come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. This Bible study is designed to enhance your own walk with God and to help you share your faith in Christ with others.

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Online Bible Study #2


(intermediate/advanced level study)

The “Covenant Child” series is taken from our interactive web-book entitled: Covenant Child: A Quest for Authentic Christianity in the Third Millennium. Each chapter of the book is presented as an online lesson. While highly doctrinal in content, the lessons are written in a warm, personal, and intimate style; and addressed directly to YOU, God’s covenant child.

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Online Bible Study #3


(advanced level study)

Perhaps you have questions about the existence of God, or know people who do. This ten lesson series provides scientific, historical, and Biblical concepts you can think about, discuss, and share with others. This series of lessons is intended to help the sincere disciple of Christ to “always be ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you” (I Peter 3:15).

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Online Bible Study #4


(Survey of Early Bible History)

As New Covenant children of God, our roots run deep; going back thousands of years, spanning many millennia, tapping the very origins of Jewish heritage, and even beyond—back to the very beginning of recorded history. The ancient stories of the Old Testament are your stories and my stories; they belong to us and help mold and shape our spiritual character.

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Online Bible Study #5


(Survey of the Four Gospels)

These enjoyable videos and corresponding lesson activities were specifically chosen for inclusion in our Redeeming Love curriculum because we believe they will help our students draw closer to the Lord Jesus, understand more clearly the nature of His ministry, and be better equipped for more meaningful ministry and service in the kingdom of God.

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Online Bible Study #6


(New Testament Survey)

What was life like for Christians in Bible days? This Online Bible Study gives us a glimpse into the history of the early church and some of the spiritual battles with which Christians had to contend. Even more than that, they help us make application of the eternal spiritual truths contained in scripture to our own hearts and lives, as God’s children live out that continuing drama to this very day.

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Online Bible Study #7


(Summative Assignment for Program Graduation)

Your final Online Bible Study to be accomplished before receiving your DIPLOMA from Redeeming Love Ministries, and to qualify to become one of our Follow-Up Partners, is the completion of your “Capstone Project.” Do not register for this course until you have completed all others courses.

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Daily Devotionals:

Daily Devotional Thoughts for Your Continued Encouragement and Spiritual Strength:

* MATTERS OF THE HEART: Discipleship, Relationships, Point of Doctrine…

* NEW COVENANT THINKING: Devotional Thoughts from the Book of Hebrews…

*LOOKING FOR A RAINBOW: A Faith-Walk Through the Stormy Clouds of Cancer…

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